Sunday, 15 July 2012

Behind the scenes

This year is flying by too quickly, but it’s been an exciting mid-year for to 2012. I’ve recently returned from a fantastic trip to Dorset, where, among many other things, I was looking for quirky venues to run our therapist retreat programmes from. There was one thing that really stood out as being at the top of the venue proprietors list for discussion – recycling, rubbish and waste. In the city, we are provided with a wide range of services to recycle household waste, but beyond that, the message gets diluted. I was really amazed at the initiatives in the country, with an aim to divert as much as possible away from landfill and recycling it into reusable materials or carbon efficient energy. Materials collected and recycled locally include bulky waste; cardboard recycling; carpet recycling; food waste, green waste and plasterboard recycling.

Conversations took place at tree houses, cabins, yurts and more. We particularly liked the Mongolian yurt, which can be booked through Go Glamping: I also got a fantastic view of Dorset from Corton Denham Beacon, and would have loved to have pitched a tent up on the hill (in style of course!).

On the subject of behind the scenes activity, immediately on my return, I looked at the breathtaking pictures of Dorset, and it reminded me of a motto I came across many a time in my previous career as a journalist ‘A picture is worth a thousand words…’ This took me back to the striking work of our photographer in capturing the essence of Tri-Dosha, and which now make our website a fantastic platform for promoting our range of products and treatments. Not only are the images well captured, they are well designed as well, allowing each page to tell our story. For more on this wonderful lady, please see:

Overwhelmed by beauty this week, it reminds me that our planet is a very special place indeed.

Much love,

Sunita x

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