Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Entries are now in to our competition question: What do you do at home with your family to promote conscious living?

We had some amazing wise words emailed and twittered to us. Thank you all for sending in your conscious realities. We had to choose one winner, and two runners up, so here goes. x

Our favorite:

My name is Imogen and I live in North Devon. I wanted to tell you how I promote conscious living in my life and my families lives. 

I am currently moving into my new home where I will be living in a yurt with my boyfriend. We will be growing all of our own produce and plan to only buy groceries and other things we need from local shops that support the local community. We plan to have a composting toilet so that we deal with all of our own waste personally. We have a river on the land that we are moving into at the moment and I will be using this water to wash all of our clothes with natural products and we will also be using it to wash ourselves in too! We plan to leave very little trace of our being there too; we will be living with and alongside nature and changing with the seasons. I am very excited about taking my life into my own hands and starting my journey of learning to live self sufficiently and consciously. 

I have been using all natural products in my home and for my body for around 2 years now. 

I hope you are having a good day, 
With love, 
Imogen Rose

Our second favorites:

I promote conscious living with my children in many ways.  I involve them in the menu planning for the week and show them how to get the full nutritious balance.  We go out for long walks in the countryside and take a carrier bag and collect any rubbish we find strewn around and stress the importance to them of we are all responsible for looking after our planet. I also encourage them to see beauty in everything around them and to be positive in daily life.

Caroline James

I promote conscious living through my teaching. With regards to Ayurveda and children, I am a passionate advocate on children's health and wellbeing albeit that my own daughter is now a young woman. I believe that Ayurveda and yoga should be passed onto children of today in order for them to make the right choices in life.

I promote yoga to my class students and encourage them to attend classes with their children, this does not happen very often but when it does I see both parent and child change their attitude towards each other and at the end of class see all the ‘stresses’ melt away.

Thank you Sunita for a really interesting blog.


Jackie Dorrian

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