Monday, 24 September 2012

Be Present, Be Visible and Connect!

Over the years, I've had so many contacts with people whos work is energy based, teaching yoga, Ayurveda, meditation, self development and entrepreneurship in particular that when I reached out to a presenter of a Spa and Wellbeing organisation recently, I felt that I should talk about what I call the business of connecting humans to various expressions of meaning.

I'm always surprised to notice and observe how Spas connect with their clients. Spas create an environment to enhance a feeling of bliss; they construct a building and develop surroundings to offer visitors a unique immersive setting to unwind, chill out and forget about the world. But the relationship we cultivate with ourselves is quite possibly the most important one we will experience in our lifetime. Over the course of human history, cultures and traditions have established systems to support and assist our discovery of who we are and ways in which we can establish and connect to our inner balance: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually

My interest has always been to establish connections with the inside and the outside! From the outside, we can draw conclusions that the Spas preoccupation for art and the creative expression in the marketing material is at best remote unless linked intelligently to inner wellbeing. When, as a client, you are encouraged to explore the two together, maybe you'll recognise an area of imbalance in yourself that you can then work on addressing.

If I was asked to lead a creative Wellness project of any size, my focus would be to bring fresh and vibrant artistic and creative expression to the design. To me, whether you are the leading Spa venue in Timbuktu or the best secret retreat in la la land, you must show curiosity and passion for creative therapeutic surprises or move on to another job. The point of any presenting Wellbeing house is not strategy or survival, but the creation of a sacred, daring space where the creative and therapeutic cultures and expressions of the world are presented to an audience so that a new conversation can start or continue.

This can lead to fostering creative conversations leading to social, aesthetic, playful insights on us and our worlds, as well as supporting the business of Wellbeing! We are in the business of connecting humans to themselves and therefore to meaning. So if connecting with humans is a problem in the first place because you are too busy maintaining the bricks in place and you establish your presenting Wellbeing house as an institution to the very Wellbeing professionals who are the source of your life force, why not take the time and trouble to be present, shift your focus to a vibrant, thought provoking, inspiring therapeutic hub.

So here is the message... be present, be visible and connect!

Much love,

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Entries are now in to our competition question: What do you do at home with your family to promote conscious living?

We had some amazing wise words emailed and twittered to us. Thank you all for sending in your conscious realities. We had to choose one winner, and two runners up, so here goes. x

Our favorite:

My name is Imogen and I live in North Devon. I wanted to tell you how I promote conscious living in my life and my families lives. 

I am currently moving into my new home where I will be living in a yurt with my boyfriend. We will be growing all of our own produce and plan to only buy groceries and other things we need from local shops that support the local community. We plan to have a composting toilet so that we deal with all of our own waste personally. We have a river on the land that we are moving into at the moment and I will be using this water to wash all of our clothes with natural products and we will also be using it to wash ourselves in too! We plan to leave very little trace of our being there too; we will be living with and alongside nature and changing with the seasons. I am very excited about taking my life into my own hands and starting my journey of learning to live self sufficiently and consciously. 

I have been using all natural products in my home and for my body for around 2 years now. 

I hope you are having a good day, 
With love, 
Imogen Rose

Our second favorites:

I promote conscious living with my children in many ways.  I involve them in the menu planning for the week and show them how to get the full nutritious balance.  We go out for long walks in the countryside and take a carrier bag and collect any rubbish we find strewn around and stress the importance to them of we are all responsible for looking after our planet. I also encourage them to see beauty in everything around them and to be positive in daily life.

Caroline James

I promote conscious living through my teaching. With regards to Ayurveda and children, I am a passionate advocate on children's health and wellbeing albeit that my own daughter is now a young woman. I believe that Ayurveda and yoga should be passed onto children of today in order for them to make the right choices in life.

I promote yoga to my class students and encourage them to attend classes with their children, this does not happen very often but when it does I see both parent and child change their attitude towards each other and at the end of class see all the ‘stresses’ melt away.

Thank you Sunita for a really interesting blog.


Jackie Dorrian

Friday, 7 September 2012

Come on Government – let’s get ancient ideas of Ayurveda, yoga and naturopathy into schools to promote confidence and wellbeing

I’ve been a learning a lot this week from some very clever techy people – they told me about web analytics, customer intelligence, hypothesis generation and software integration! Ah yes, I’m sure your eyes are rolling just as mine have been! The idea is that ‘we’ [Tri-Dosha] can integrate some of these ideas into our day to day functions to make developing, producing and passing on our lovely products and services to you much easier to do. With no technical brain space, we shall see if I am able to accommodate this new information! For now, I think I will stick to the touch feely stuff – massage, gorgeous smelling products, yummy yoga and sustainability! This, I certainly do know about and it has given me a grounding for conscious living.

I learnt some other cool stuff as well, from my younger sister who also happens to be a primary school teacher. She told me about the Government initiative to help parents educate children on how the media alters images and to inspire them to be confident in their bodies. It made me ask the question, how on earth have we got to a point where we actually need to implement this kind of strategy? Are we that far away from being connected to ourselves, our true image, and being ok with it? It made me think of the information we receive from the ancient texts and the teachings I have had a long the way from my mentors in alternative and complementary therapies, which always highlighted the notion that health and happiness comes from experiencing the ‘truth of life’ where every moment of that day can be filled with love, peace and authenticity.

Children and Ayurveda

I then did some research on Ayurveda for Children and came across a quote from Elbert Hubbard (writer, publisher, artist, and philosopher) who said, “The object of teaching is to enable a child to get along without his teacher.” While many of us read this quote and agree with it, we may not quite grasp its full meaning or its connection to Ayurveda. Ayurveda supports the notion that we are more than just physical, treating each person individually. And to ‘heal’ any imbalance promotes greater awareness and get's us connected to who we truly are.

So let’s promote yoga, breathing techniques, self awareness modules, good nutrition, and conscious living to our children. The more balanced we feel, the more we can experience the love and beauty of each moment of each day.

And… a little Tri-Dosha treasure – fans of our Miracle Balm are telling me it’s great on children’s skin! To help you give it a try , we are giving one away to a lucky reader that tells us what they do at home with their family to promote conscious living! 

Please post comments to: 
The result will be made by Monday 10th September, 6pm. 

Much love,

Sunita x