Thursday, 23 August 2012

Embracing Transformation - YUMMY!

I’ve been a bit quiet on here for the last week or so. With our home and office being re-decorated, there has been a huge amount of re-organization going on at lots of levels. The house has had a major reshuffle to accommodate the machinery we require for our manufacture and this has prompted a general process of sorting and consolidation. It’s a great opportunity to get rid of things that no longer serve us, to throw them out or pass them along. My environment is very important to me, being ‘Pitta’ in nature, I like things to be simple, minimalist and calm around me.  But when my ‘Vata’ gets out of balance, the level of disorder is at times difficult to live with!

For example, over the last couple of days it’s been very exciting as the relaxation area has started to take shape and I have a real sense of satisfaction as I start to visualize the finished work! I really can’t wait! I share my space with my wonderful Pitta / Kapha sister, who also happens to be a Scorpio. We have put off re-decoration for some time, sub-consciously probably thinking we would have settled down with the man of our dreams at this point in our lives (closer to forty years and than to thirty years) but… as it is with the way of the world, things unfold as they meant to. And, for now, we are un-coupled, enjoying the dynamics of London, and still… LIVING TOGETHER!

At least our home should be rewarded because of it !!!

Now, pretty much my whole life I have been considered a mature person. Being the eldest daughter of four females gives a heightened sense of responsibility. But, as I approach forty, I feel like I become more child like, and it feels great! A new found sense of ‘liberation’ is constantly awakening in me, with a greater sense of peace as time moves on. It is a kind of self-contained liberation from challenging emotions, and at times, lack of energy, that can hold me back from living at the level that I know I can, and building the life I dream of.

But then, it’s not just about ‘me’. But it’s easy to think it is - to think that our lives are disconnected and therefore have little effect on others. But as a teacher, a health / wellness consultant, a founder of a brand, a sister of three, a daughter of two, a friend of many, ones success in life depends on one shifting the focus. So the focus is on the way forward, rather than the mental road blocks.

This week I did face huge infrastructure challenge. I won’t bore you with details, but I think without wisdom and honoring the message I relay in this blog, I’m not sure if I would have got through it! It again reminded me that with imagination, creativity and love, we can make an amazing contribution to this world and all the people, animals, beings - etc - we serve whilst we are here.

Much love, Sunita x

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